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Why you shouldn’t drop kick your spouse and other reasons to hug them instead…


**Note**                                                                                                                                         Time hop is an app that you can use that pulls your personal photos from other sources of media and allows you to see it anywhere from a year to up to five years ago.  While it may sound a little creepy, it is actually pretty cool.  Unless you’ve lost a husband, then it can get a little scary if you’re jarred by seeing pictures of him from five years ago.  Today, I saw a post on Facebook from three years ago.  Something I’d written to him on fb and shared with friends.  Today, it blessed me.  It was a reminder of our love.  (Maybe I’ll blog the actual post later.) 

Pretty cool, when you look at the time hop app and it pulled a post from three years ago when you were writing about loving your husband. (On valentines day)
I remember writing it…
We were in the hospital I believe…
Soon after his first surgery.

Even though he’s gone, it was kinda awesome and took me back to that moment of writing it.                It made me feel closer to him for a minute and reminded me why I loved him so much.                          It encouraged me, because he truly was my biggest cheerleader and believed in me in a way I’d never experienced before.

I feel very blessed and thankful to God.                                                                                          It felt like a Valentine’s Day gift from Him to be honest.                                                                            Hug your hubby or wife closer and longer tonight.

We were just ordinary people and in one instance everything changed.

He was sick, and it was cancer…

Two years later, he was gone.


God was there and we had an awesome run.
We had a great marriage and close friendship and bond.
He was my husband, lover and friend.
I wouldn’t have traded what we had for all the tea in china…
(A saying he used to say)

So, remember when you’re mad, or frustrated,
or you want to drop kick your loved one, that in the end…
You’re only promised today.
So be mad for a minute and forgive him,
be frustrated for a little bit and then get over it,
drop kick him and then go hug him.

I’m thankful that we didn’t waste a lot of time with foolishness.
Thankfully we were on the same page most of the time.
It wasn’t perfect, but we always said that we were perfect for each other.

Love today.
Not tomorrow.
Not next week.
Right now.
This moment.
This second.
I keep saying it, but in the end, all you’re left with is memories.
Make then amazing memories to hold onto and cherish.  Your kids will thank you.  😉

Be blessed y’all.

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