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It was the way he loved her…

It wasn't that he was perfect.
Or that he did everything right. Because he wasn't and he didn't.
He was just a man.

But he was her man.

It was the way that he cared for her that made her heart flutter.
The "just because" phone calls and texts while he was at work and she was at home buried up to her knees in diapers and quarreling children.

It was the way he still looked at her even though time had blessed her with a few more wrinkles around her brown eyes, and the baby weight had refused to leave her as the years and pregnancies progressed.

It was the way he called her "girl," even though she was far from a girl now… He made her blush like a school girl, still; after all the years they'd been together.

It wasn't just one thing about him…
It was everything about him.

The way he smiled at her and kissed her each morning before he left for work and in the evenings when he came home from work.

It was his heart, and the way he helped little gray haired women with their groceries at the grocery store.
It was the way he read the Bible to their children each night and prayed over them before they went to sleep.

It was the essence of who he was that she loved so much.

Oh, he'd never become the successful engineer that he'd hoped to become; God had had other plans for him. He'd admitted that he felt like a failure at times. If he'd only known how wrong he'd been…

He was gone now.
He'd died.
Unfairly, it seemed, in her eyes…
Still such an ugly word to her.
It had stolen so much from her…
It had stolen the love of her life.

It had spit in her face and called her a widow. It had renamed her as a single mom. It had left her children fatherless…

She still hated the word.
She hated the illness that had torn her heart from her chest and handed it to her to bury.

But; it couldn't touch her memories.

So many wonderful, amazing memories… No, he'd never been the perfect man; but it had been the perfect love …

And for her, for now; it was enough.

Be blessed friends,

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